PHOTO: Russia-Inspired Presidential Seal Projected on Wall During Trump Speech at Turning Point USA


President Donald Trump’s hour-long speech at young Conservative group Turning Point USA was attended by hundreds, but while applauding his insults to four Democratic congresswomen of color and his jokes about being president for life, no one noticed the error right before their eyes.

An altered presidential seal appeared onstage with Trump during the speech, but it wasn’t just the matter of a poorly chosen image. In fact, the errors seem quite deliberate.

The presidential seal featured at Turning Point USA appears to be an homage to a popular Russian national symbol, featuring a two-headed eagle with its wings spread.

There are also some particularly Trump-centric additions to the seal. For instance, the eagle’s left talon is clutching golf clubs instead of the traditional arrows. Its right talon holds a wad of cash.

Written on the seal is “45 es un titere,” which translates in Spanish to

“45 is a puppet.”

Officials at Turning Point USA are still investigating what happened, but one spokesman theorizes that it was a last minute mistake.

“Somewhere there was a breakdown. I think it was as simple as a rushed move throwing up an image, and it was the wrong one. It was an A/V mistake … it certainly wasn’t our intention.”

Most people think it wasn’t a mistake at all, but instead someone brilliantly trolling the president.


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