WATCH: Donald Trump Says ‘You’re Going to Find MS-13, You’re Going to Find Middle Eastern, You’re Going to Find Everything’


As approximately 7200 migrants continue to caravan to the United States border, Donald Trump continues to sow fear against them.

The president has used the numbers and races of those seeking to enter the country to paint the picture of an American invasion when, in reality, these caravans have happened before and due to the thousands of miles required of the journey, the numbers are usually down to only hundreds by the time the groups actually arrive at the border.

Nonetheless, the president continued to vilify the asylum seekers making the arduous trek to the United States.

“Take your cameras and search okay? Take your cameras and you’re going to find MS-13, you’re going to find Middle Eastern. You’re going to find everything. And guess what? We’re not allowing them in our country.”

The president has frequently stoked the irrational fears of his base by invoking the Middle East and the gang MS-13.

Today as he doubled down on the comments, people are making sure to call the president out for the many holes in his logic.

Others asked exactly what he meant.

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