What If They Threw A Convention And Nobody Came?

House Speaker Paul Ryan made headlines last week during an interview with CNN, in which he stated he wasn’t prepared to support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Trump, claiming he felt “blindsided” by Ryan, angrily responded that he might oust Ryan as GOP Convention Chairman. With the Republican Party on the verge of irreparable fracture, many of Ryan’s fellow conservatives urged him to relent. All eyes are now on Ryan as he prepares to meet with Trump Thursday morning.

“I don’t go into Thursday with huge expectations other than just to have the kind of conversation that we need to start having so that we are getting ourselves on the same page as a party,” Ryan said, adding that his main goal is to unify the party. Ryan indicated that he will have to become more intimately acquainted with Trump and his policies before he can count himself among his supporters. “I assume that’s what Donald wants as well. Again, we don’t know each other, we talked once a few months ago on the phone, a very good conversation.”

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Ryan signaled, however, that he won’t endorse Trump purely for the sake of unity if their differences prove insurmountable. “We can’t just pretend to be unified when we know we’re not. If we fake it, then we’re going to go into the fall at half strength,” Ryan warned. With so much attention on the morning summit, Ryan also was careful to downplay expectations, noting that it was important for “all conservatives to rally together to win this election and defeat Hillary Clinton.”

A Matter of Principles

Ryan’s very public criticisms of Trump underscore his insistence that Republicans lead a party that is not only “broad and inclusive” but also “principled.” But “principled,” some point out, is not a word often associated with Donald Trump. Some conservatives have

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