Breaking: The FBI Email Server Investigation Isn’t Going As Some Had Hoped

[DIGEST: The Hill, CNN, Politics USA]

A U.S. official familiar with the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server stated that the FBI has found no evidence Clinton intentionally violated the law, according to CNN. The investigation is ongoing, however, and remains focused on the security of the server and the handling of classified information.

The FBI has already interviewed several of Clinton’s aides, some more than once, officials say. Clinton’s longtime adviser Huma Abedin cooperated with the investigation, but her lawyers declined to comment further on it. FBI investigators also interviewed former Clinton employee Bryan Pagliano, who helped set up the server and provided documents and other materials under an immunity agreement.

A review of this material has similarly turned up no smoking gun thus far. Investigators expect to complete their work within the next few weeks, after which they will turn their findings over to the Justice Department. The Justice Department will then make a determination on whether to prosecute, but that likelihood has diminished significantly as a result of these revelations.

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The FBI still needs to conduct an interview with the presidential candidate as part of its investigation, but there is no set date. Earlier this week, Clinton said the FBI has yet to contact her for an interview. Securing a private interview with Clinton has been a challenge for law enforcement officials because Clinton is active on the campaign trail. Clinton has a

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