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Texas Just Became a “Show Me Your Papers” State

Texas Governor Greg Abbott took to Facebook Live Sunday night to sign SB4, which bans sanctuary cities in the state of Texas and allows local law enforcement to inquire into the immigration status of anyone they detain for any reason.

SB4 cleared a final hurdle in the state legislature on Wednesday when the state Senate accepted the House version of the bill. SB4 is the culmination of a six year effort by Republicans and a priority for Governor Abbott, who signed an executive order in January banning sanctuary cities, despite of the fact that no jurisdiction within Texas has declared itself a sanctuary city.

The new law, which will take effect on September 1, threatens law enforcement with jail and fines if they do not comply with federal immigration authorities.

Opponents of the bill, including Democrats, immigrant rights advocates, and every major police chief in the state of Texas, railed against SB4, calling it discriminatory and saying it would sow distrust of law enforcement within immigrant communities.

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