Dr. Colleen Craft Warns Children Who Are Separated From Their Parents Experience ‘Toxic Stress’

There are dire psychological consequences.

Even though Trump has issued an executive order to end his own policy, the damage has still been done to the children who were separated from their parents. Many advocates are claiming that the executive order is still a no-win piece of legislation that will further traumatize the minors already separated from their families.

“First, there are more than 2,000 children already separated from their parents; the executive order does nothing to address that nightmare. Second, this executive order effectively creates family prisons, which we already know are a threat to the well-being of children,” said Michelle Brané, director of the Migrant Rights and Justice Program at the Women’s Refugee Commission.

“The president doesn’t get any Brownie points for moving from a policy of locking up kids and families separately to a policy of locking them up together. Let’s be clear: Trump is making a crisis of his own creation worse.” said Karen Tumlin, director of legal strategy at the National Immigration Law Center.

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