Roy Moore Says the Last Time America Was Great Was When We Had Slavery

Many interpret Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” as a rallying cry for white nationalists, and he has publicly endorsed Moore — he reportedly said “Go get ‘em, Roy!” during a recent phone call with the candidate. Then earlier this week, Trump made it clear via his tweeting platform just how much he wants Moore to win.

Following Trump’s example, Moore has also questioned former President Barack Obama’s place of birth, and once suggested Muslims should not be allowed to serve in Congress. Moore is also a former Alabama Chief Justice who was suspended, twice, for refusing applications for same-sex marriage licenses, even after that the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

Despite these actions, and his comments, and other controversies, the Republican candidate is neck and neck with candidate Doug Jones in this special election for the Senate seat, left vacant by Jeff Sessions when Trump appointed him as Attorney General.

Riding the wave of Columbus’ viral tweet, Jones has been reaching out to black voters in Alabama this week, blasting Moore as “racist.” A super PAC backing Jones is targeting Facebook ads at African-American voters in a bid to boost turnout for the Dec. 12 election.

“A racist shouldn’t represent you,” read the text of one ad over an image of Moore. “If Roy Moore goes to Washington, he’ll make decisions that will impact your family for years.”

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