Ron DeSantis Quits as an Administrator for Right Wing Tea Party Facebook Group

Well that’s certainly on brand.

For a candidate who just won Florida’s Republican primary for governor, Ron DeSantis is having a rough week.

Fresh off of referring to his opponent Andrew Gillum, Florida’s first black gubernatorial nominee, as “articulate” and warning Floridians not to “monkey this up” by electing him, DeSantis was discovered to be the administrator of a Facebook group called “Tea Party,” whose 94,000 members regularly share racist, conspiratorial, and otherwise hateful memes and posts. DeSantis has since left the group, but not before Media Matters employee Natalie Martinez exposed him.

The gubernatorial nominee was not the only DeSantis family member in the group.

As an administrator of the group, Mr. DeSantis had the power to moderate posts and ban members who frequently posted content believed to be unsuitable, which makes some of the posts all the more shocking.

Some are racist.

Some are homophobic.

At least one spouted similar rhetoric as DeSantis’s monkey comment.

And people on Twitter don’t seem too surprised.

Some were still outraged.

But perhaps most shamefully, DeSantis wasn’t the only Republican politician moderating the group.

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