WATCH: Rick Tyler Predicts Donald Trump Will Fire Robert Mueller Because Republicans Will Let Him Get Away With It

While speaking to MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle on Monday morning, Republican strategist and MSNBC political analyst Rick Tyler predicted that President Donald Trump will fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Tyler also said he believes Republican leadership will do nothing to stop it from happening.

“He’s going to fire Mueller eventually, probably sooner rather than later,” Tyler said, “before he can get any further on money laundering or any other tangential issues.”

Tyler made his prediction after Trump issued a series of bizarre and erratic tweets Monday morning, in which the president urged people to turn on Sean Hannity, as well as once again referring to the Russia probe as a “WITCH HUNT” with “massive conflicts of interest!”

On Sunday, Trump mentioned Mueller by name, taking to Twitter to ask why Mueller’s team has “zero Republicans?” Robert Mueller is a life-long Republican. The man who hired him and is the acting Attorney General for the Russia investigation, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is a life-long Republican (and a Trump appointee, no less).

Mueller’s investigation appears to be working its way closer to the president, and Tyler believes that Trump’s pernicious jabs at the Special Counsel are a test to see how Republicans would react, should Trump decide to fire Mueller.

Tyler said that the overwhelming lack of pushback by Republicans is a clue.

The president has calculated now … the reaction from the Republicans. He is going to fire Robert Mueller. And you know what’s going to happen? Nothing. There will be no response from Republican leadership from the Congress. The reason to fire McCabe, the reason he had to to deny him his retirement, is [Trump] has to discredit them, has to systematically discredit everybody who is involved in this Russia investigation. And he has now seen that he can do these things without any recourse. … Congress is not going to rein him in.

Mueller’s investigation appears to be shifting from an obstruction of justice case against the president (which Trump’s comments on recently-fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe seem to support) to financial crimes. Last week, the New York Times reported that Mueller had subpoenaed the Trump Organization for all of their documents on to anything and everything related to Russia.

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