REPORT: Rick Gates Testifies Against Paul Manafort: When Asked ‘Who Did You Conspire With?’ Gates Replied: ‘Paul Manafort’

Manafort meet bus.

The trial of former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort took a decisive turn on Monday when his former business partner — and Trump’s Deputy Campaign Manager — Rick Gates, took the stand to testify against him.

Despite efforts by Manafort’s defense team to paint Gates as having swindled Manafort without his knowledge, when asked by federal prosecutors if he’d committed a crime with Paul Manafort, Gates answered in the affirmative.

Gates testified that, under orders from Manafort over a number of years, he made wire transfers from offshore accounts and didn’t report them, as well as failing to file a foreign bank account record. He also admitted to stealing from Manafort and others.

Gates’s testimony is crucial to the Special Counsel’s case. Federal Judge T.S. Ellis III warned the prosecutors that the bar for conviction is high, and that they wouldn’t be able to prove conspiracy if Gates didn’t take the witness stand.

The testimony is making waves across social media.

Unlike Gates, Paul Manafort pleaded “not guilty” last year to numerous charges of conspiracy and fraud. Gates’s words in court on Monday are the latest in what’s been a tempestuous road for Manafort since his indictment in October 2017.

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