Would Sanders Be The Nominee If Superdelegate Rules Are Changed?

[DIGEST: CNN, Los Angeles Times] A CNN analysis reveals that a change in the way Democrats allocate their superdelegates––or even abolishing superdelegates altogether––would still result in Clinton maintaining her lead and place her close to winning the Democratic nomination. If, as Senator Bernie Sanders has suggested, the superdelegates in each state were automatically awarded to … Continued

Some Karma Finally Caught Up to “Affluenza” Teen

[DIGEST: NBCDFW, CBS] On Wednesday, Judge William Salvant signed an order reaffirming the probation terms he imposed on Ethan Couch last month. He also canceled a hearing on the matter scheduled for May 16. Salvant had ordered that Couch spend two years in jail––180 days for each of the four victims he killed while drinking … Continued

What If They Threw A Convention And Nobody Came?

House Speaker Paul Ryan made headlines last week during an interview with CNN, in which he stated he wasn’t prepared to support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Trump, claiming he felt “blindsided” by Ryan, angrily responded that he might oust Ryan as GOP Convention Chairman. With the Republican Party on the verge of irreparable … Continued

California Takes On Smoking With Tough New State Law

[DIGEST: Huffington Post, CNN] California has passed legislation raising the legal age for purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21. The legislation is part of a larger series of anti-smoking measures banning the sale of tobacco products to anyone under age. In addition, electronic cigarettes will face regulations not unlike those imposed on traditional cigarettes … Continued

The Indiana Primary Results Just Changed the Game

Results as of 7:30 AM EST. [DIGEST: CNN, NYT, Washington Post] Businessman Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary according to initial results and exit polls, and Ted Cruz formally suspended his campaign Tuesday night. This all but ensures a Clinton vs. Trump election in November. With 98 percent of Indiana’s precincts reporting, Trump had … Continued

The Battle To Fill Justice Scalia’s Seat Just Gained A New Ally

George Takei has a new online series called “Draw Your Conclusion” featuring whiteboard animation and tackling current political and social issues. His first episode addresses the contentious debate over a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away during the final year of Obama’s presidency. The inventive animation, presented as a lighthearted civics lesson, proceeds in signature Takei style by drawing on lessons from history, referencing … Continued



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