The Indiana Primary Results Just Changed the Game

Results as of 7:30 AM EST. [DIGEST: CNN, NYT, Washington Post] Businessman Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary according to initial results and exit polls, and Ted Cruz formally suspended his campaign Tuesday night. This all but ensures a Clinton vs. Trump election in November. With 98 percent of Indiana’s precincts reporting, Trump had … Continued

The Battle To Fill Justice Scalia’s Seat Just Gained A New Ally

George Takei has a new online series called “Draw Your Conclusion” featuring whiteboard animation and tackling current political and social issues. His first episode addresses the contentious debate over a replacement for Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away during the final year of Obama’s presidency. The inventive animation, presented as a lighthearted civics lesson, proceeds in signature Takei style by drawing on lessons from history, referencing … Continued

Polls Just Closed in 5 States, And Some Aren’t Very Happy

[DIGEST: Bloomberg, CNN, Business Insider, ABC, NYT] Results as of 10:33 EST. The citizens of five Northeastern states, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, cast ballots in the presidential campaign today. According to early exit polls (and major news outlet forecasts), the leading contenders for their parties’ nominations, businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary … Continued

Sanders Tells Clinton What His Support Would Require

[DIGEST: Yahoo, Washington Post] Bernie Sanders says that his support for Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee is “totally dependent” on whether she incorporates a progressive agenda into her campaign against the eventual Republican nominee. While Sanders intends to continue campaigning until California’s primary on June 7, he signaled awareness that he will likely … Continued

Top Clinton Advisor Sets Off Firestorm With Remarks on VP Short List

[DIGEST: Politics USA, Mic] Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, says Clinton has not ruled out the possibility of a female running mate. There is speculation that Clinton could choose Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, a favorite among progressives. Podesta fed the excitement with comments made during an interview with The Boston Globe. “We’ll start with … Continued



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