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Warren, Sanders Blast Trump Over Lobbyists

In a letter to the president-elect dated Tuesday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) took aim ...


California Leaders Draw Defiant Line with Trump

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said yesterday that the police department has no ...

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Obama To Help Coach Trump, Who Was Surprised By Scope of Job

President-elect Donald Trump plans to spend more time with President Barack Obama learning how ...

Electoral College

Why We Don’t Need a Constitutional Amendment To Undo the Electoral College

With the latest vote counts showing Hillary Clinton earning over 60.1 million votes to Donald ...


The Day After: Trump Election Draws Protests, Calls for “CalExit”

Americans shocked by the election of Donald Trump made their opposition known through large-scale ...

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CNN Political Prediction Markets Weigh in on Election Day

According to CNN’s Political Prediction Market, the odds of Hillary Clinton winning the presidency ...


FBI’s Comey Stands By Decision As Trump Unloads and Unravels

The Trump campaign struggled to respond to the latest twist in this unprecedented election ...


Early Voting Shows Indications of How Battleground States May Go

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are encouraging their supporters to hit the polls early, ...


Bill Weld, Libertarian VP Pick, Stands Up For Rival Clinton

William Weld, the Libertarian vice presidential nominee, defended Hillary Clinton against attacks from Donald ...