Furor Forces Backpedal over Mar-a-Lago

Yesterday, reporter Amy Westervelt noticed an April 4 State Department blog post promoting Mar-a-Lago, the country club owned by President Donald Trump. The ensuing uproar forced the State Department to remove the post, which was on the department’s ShareAmerica website and was shared on websites and Facebook pages for multiple US embassies. Westervelt was blunt … Continued

Dow Chemical Wants Trump to Kill Scientific Findings

The Dow Chemical Company, a manufacturer of plastics, chemicals, and agricultural products, has asked the Trump administration to ignore studies from federal scientists about the environmental risks posed by organophosphates, a major class of pesticides. Critics note that Dow recently donated $1 million to help Trump’s inauguration ceremony. Lawyers representing Dow and two other manufacturers of organophosphates … Continued

U.S. to Prosecute WikiLeaks’ Assange, Raising Constitutional Concerns

The Department of Justice is considering charges against Julian Assange, founder and editor of Wikileaks. The case would largely hinge on whether the DOJ successfully can argue that WikiLeaks’ actions are not journalism and, therefore, are exempt from First Amendment protections related to freedom of the press. According to The Washington Post’s sources, federal attorneys … Continued

Putin’s Smoking Gun: New Documents Reveal His Hand in the U.S. Election

Seven current and former U.S. officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed with Reuters the existence of two confidential documents obtained from a Russian government think tank controlled by Vladimir Putin. Those documents respectively reveal a plan to assist Donald Trump in winning the 2016 presidential election and a subsequent effort to undermine faith in … Continued

A Squeaker in Georgia Spells Big Trouble for Trump, GOP

Democrat John Ossoff very nearly pulled off a complete victory in Tuesday’s special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, besting his rivals with 48.1 percent of the vote, his nearest GOP competitor (Karen Handel) a distant second at 19.8 percent with all 210 precincts now reporting. Still, Democrats had been hoping for an outright victory … Continued



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