What Caused the Opioid Epidemic? Drug Companies Flooded Small Towns With Opioids [REPORT]

A West Virginia town is just one example of overprescribing, a leading contributor to America’s ever-growing opioid epidemic.

US District Court Judge A. Wallace Tashima Blocks Arizona’s Ban on Ethnic Studies Education

U.S. District Judge A. Wallace Tashima has permanently blocked a ban on ethnic studies courses in Arizona public schools following a seven-year court battle disputing the legality of a 2010 state law. The law, which was written and passed after the Tucson Unified School District started offering classes on Mexican-American history, literature and art in 1998, banned courses which could have been seen as promoting solidarity among ethnic groups.

Judge Tashima wrote that the law banning the courses “was enacted and enforced, not for a legitimate educational purpose, but for an invidious discriminatory racial purpose, and a politically partisan purpose…” and because of that, it “… cannot be enforced.”

Jane Goodall Opposes Trump Administration’s Decision To Drill in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Republican lawmakers opened the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling in their new tax bill, but environmentalists are playing a long game to keep the region safe from development.



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