Omarosa Tell-All Book Makes Claims of Racism and Misogyny by Donald Trump on Tapes from ‘The Apprentice’

Is it Access Hollywood all over again?

Omarosa Manigault-Newman—one time Trump administration White House staffer—claims her former boss, President Donald Trump used a variety of racial slurs while she worked for him at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and before then too. She also accuses Trump of misogyny.

The woman best know by her mononymous moniker—Omarosa—made both statements in her upcoming tell-all book about her longtime professional and personal relationship with Donald Trump. The book, titled Unhinged, comes out August 14, 2018.

The two originally met on the first season of The Apprentice in 2004. Since then, Trump referred to Omarosa several times as his loyal friend.

They teamed up again in 2008, 2010 and 2013. When Trump announced his presidential candidacy in 2015, Omarosa stumped on his behalf. She eventually took an official role in the campaign, then the transition team and then the Trump White House.

But things went sour at the end of 2017. In December, the White House announced Omarosa resigned, effective January of 2018.

Shortly after, Omarosa had her own announcement to make about a book deal chronicling her time working with Trump.

Then in the August press tour leading up to her book release, she stated evidence of Trump’s mental decline would be revealed in her book.

But critics immediately discounted Omarosa as an unreliable witness.

However a week later, her publisher hinted irrefutable proof of several of the more explosive revelations existed. On August 8, the story of secret legally made recordings by Omarosa, during her time at the White House, broke.

Using her private cell phone—a practice Trump himself maintained and encouraged among his staff—Omarosa recorded meetings and conversations. Washington DC—like New York where Michael Cohen taped Trump—falls under a “one-party consent” law regarding recordings. If one party knows and consents to being recorded, the recordings are legal.

But additional recordings of Trump also exist.

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