Did the NY Primary Results Just Put Trump and Clinton Out of Reach?

[DIGEST: USA Today, FiveThirtyEight, CNN]

Results as of 10:37 PM EST.

With the polls now closed after 9 PM in New York, exit polling indicates that New Yorker Donald Trump will win the New York State Republican primary. The questions remains, by how much and in which districts, as this will affect how many delegates he will add to his lead. The race on the Democratic side, was called for Hillary Clinton by CBS, ABC, and NBC at around 9:40 PM.It is not yet clear what percentage of the vote she and Bernie Sanders received. As of this update, Clinton has 58% of the vote to Sanders 42% with 71% of precincts reporting.

NY Primary
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Both Trump and Clinton were ahead by double digits in major polling before today’s vote. This is  the first state in which Trump earned the majority of the Republican vote, and that could prove key to his message that the party can unite around him. If Secretary Clinton continues to win by  double digits or more, her pledged delegate count will increase by at least 35.


Before today, Donald Trump had 756 delegates out of the 1,256 needed to win the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton had a 206 delegate lead over Bernie Sanders, with 1,305 of the 2,383 delegates needed to win the Democratic nomination.

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