PHOTO: New Yorker Cartoon Features Mother Telling Son: ‘You Will Not Use Presidential Language in This House’


While Americans across the country were rightfully occupied with the racist chants from President Donald Trump’s North Carolina rally this week, hardly anyone mentioned that Trump also said “g***amn” twice and “bulls***” once.

People didn’t notice because public profanity has become a hallmark of Trump’s presidency. After all, people infamously heard him brag about grabbing women “by the p***y,” and he still managed to ascend to the highest office in the land.

It’s not just profane words either, but completely base assertions. Remember when he bragged about his penis size on a national debate stage?

Just a few months ago, the New York Times delved into Trump’s unprecedented public profanity:

“His is the profanity presidency, full of four-letter denunciations of his enemies and earthy dismissals of allegations lodged against him. At rallies and in interviews, on Twitter and in formal speeches, he relishes the bad-boy language of a shock jock, just one more way of gleefully provoking the political establishment bothered by his norm-shattering ways.”

Now, a cartoon in the New Yorker is calling it out too.

The cartoon, by illustrator Avi Steinberg, features a mother scolding her son with an interesting choice of words herself:

“You will not use Presidential language in this house.”

The cartoon perfectly highlights the ways in which Trump has made public vulgarity palatable and, subsequently, presidential.

Is it harrowing or heartening that America’s parents encourage their kids not to emulate the President of the United States?

Before long, people were sharing other cartoons skewering Trump.

What a time.

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