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PHOTO: ‘The New Yorker’ Cover Depicts Female and Male Candidates of Color Entering a Black and White Congress of White Men

After Tuesday’s election ushered in a wave of new Democratic House members who are more diverse than ever before, The New Yorker unveiled next week’s cover, which captures that historic achievement perfectly with the use of watercolor and ink.

It’s called “Welcome to Congress” and features several women and men of color entering an otherwise white male Congress. It was painted by political cartoonist Billy Blitt who said:

“In all the rancor and madness of the past few weeks (hell, the past few years), it appears we’ve just lived through a nice moment.”

You can see the cover below:

People couldn’t stop hailing it:

And saw some familiar faces crashing through the door to Congress:

“The New Yorker” put into perspective just how diverse this new class of Congress is:

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