What The Nevada Caucus May Mean For Sanders

After polls showed Clinton and Sanders in a virtual dead heat, Nevada proves, yet again, why it’s such a wild card.

[DIGEST: The Wall Street Journal; The Washington Post; NYTimes]

“There is the land that I love the best,
Fairer than all I can see.
Right in the heart of the golden west…”
Nevada goes to Hillary

from Home Means Nevada (Official State Song of Nevada)
Written & Music by Bertha Raffetto

Two days before the Nevada Democratic caucus, CNN reported that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was trailing Secretary Clinton by a single point. Despite having maintained a strong force on the ground for months, and after claiming a 25 point lead just over a month ago, the Clinton campaign worked hard this week to downgrade expectations in the state.  

Ultimately, after 68% of the votes have been counted, Hillary Clinton is the projected winner in Nevada with a 4.5% lead over Bernie Sanders.

Credit: Source.
Credit: Source.

The win will provide much needed momentum for Secretary Clinton, who has been struggling to maintain her lead in national polls. Clinton had a 42 point lead over Sanders in June, but the Vermont senator has steadily gained broad support over the past several months.  

Hillary Clinton leaves Nevada with 18 delegates to Bernie Sanders’ 14. Seven delegates remain uncommitted. The loss is likely to take some wind out of Sanders’ sails during a primary season where neither campaign can afford to lose any momentum.

Though Clinton could have withstood a loss in Nevada,

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