Obama Administration Protects Planned Parenthood from Politics (And Some Republicans are Secretly Glad)

women with affordable IUDs. (Buffett is known to support Republican candidates for state races and Democratic candidates for presidential races.) The state saw a 40 percent reduction in its teen birth rate, and a third reduction in its teen abortion rate — ultimately saving the state millions of dollars in social services.

Republican lawmakers, working together with Democrats in states like Texas, have quietly restored funding to Planned Parenthood and other women’s health groups after learning the hard way exactly how important women’s health services are to public health — and state budgets. After Texas cut funding to 117 family planning clinics, causing 56 of them to close, unplanned pregnancies skyrocketed in 2012, costing the state $163 million in services.

“A lot of people really felt they got snookered by some of the people in the pro-life movement about that family-planning issue,” said former Texas Senator Bob Deuell in 2013.

Planned Parenthood
Former Sen. Bob Duell. (Credit: Source.)


Which gets to the heart of some Republicans’ quiet support for Planned Parenthood: unplanned parenthood has very high immediate and long-term costs to society. Abortion politics aside, when you look at the situation from a prevention of point of view, there is no greater friend to fiscal conservatism than Planned Parenthood.


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