PHOTO: Jim Carrey Tweets Painting of Donald Trump Saying ‘Remember Trump’s Loyal Zombies Chanting, “Build That Fence” at His Rallies?’


Last month, Carrey said his own management team warned him that talking about politics on social media could alienate his audience.

“It was interesting, because when I first starting playing on Twitter like everyone else, I got in trouble because I was honest,” Carrey said during a Vulture festival panel.

The actor stressed that he doesn’t mind if he loses fans who happen to support the president:

“A terrible thing to be on Twitter! It was a little scary, and I became an activist when it comes to this political stuff. There was a lot of pressure on me from my management going like, ‘don’t mess this up, you got it going good and people love you, when you talk about politics and other issues, you’re going to lose half of your audience.’ And I said, ‘lose them.’ “

The president, meanwhile, has implied that the government shutdown will likely continue into January and blamed Democrats “will cost our Country more money than the Border Wall we are all talking about.”

Yesterday, the president generated controversy after he claimed, without offering any evidence, that “most of the people not getting paid” during the current government shutdown are Democrats.

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