As Details Emerge on Dinner with Comey, Trump Goes Unhinged on Twitter

In January, President Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey had dinner together. That fact may be the only part of the evening on which both sides agree.

During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump told the story first. In response to Holt’s questions about when Comey told the president he was not under investigation, Trump replied with his version of the meeting.

TRUMP: I had a dinner with [Comey]. He wanted to have dinner because he wanted to stay on. We had a very nice dinner at the White House

HOLT: He asked for the dinner?

TRUMP: A dinner was arranged, I think he asked for the dinner. And he wanted to stay on as the FBI head. And I said I’ll you know consider and we’ll see what happens. But we had a very nice dinner. And at that time he told me you are not under investigation.

However, Comey was in the midst of his 10-year term as FBI director, a position that traditionally does not send a letter of resignation to the incoming president during an administration change. It seems unlikely to many that he would have asked for a meeting to ask to keep his job. In fact, only one previous FBI director had ever been fired from the job.

FBI sources close to Comey have called the president’s account into question.

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