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The Indiana Primary Results Just Changed the Game


Results as of 7:30 AM EST.

[DIGEST: CNN, NYT, Washington Post]

Businessman Donald Trump has won the Indiana primary according to initial results and exit polls, and Ted Cruz formally suspended his campaign Tuesday night. This all but ensures a Clinton vs. Trump election in November. With 98 percent of Indiana’s precincts reporting, Trump had received 53.3 percent of the Republican vote against Cruz’s 36.6 percent and Kasich’s 7.6 percent; on the Democratic side, Sanders was the clear victor with 52.5 percent to Clinton’s 47.5 percent. CNN had previously projected Trump as the winner in Indiana.

Today’s elections were closely watched because Republican voters in Indiana were demographically less favorable to Trump than in the northeastern states. Trump had scored six big wins there in the last two weeks, including in what was dubbed the “Acela primary,” referring to the Boston-Washington corridor states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island. By winning decisively in Indiana, Trump ended the #StopTrump movement and created a pivotal moment for his campaign.

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In recent weeks, Trump had overtaken Senator Ted Cruz in polling, a sign of his momentum. Because of Trump’s substantial wins last week, and the fact that tonight’s results mean Trump will pick up at least 45 delegates out of the 57 up for grabs. The remaining delegates may also go over to him, based on the district by district winner-take-all rules.

The math, in that case, leaves him the presumptive nominee. Many analysts have noted that a win in Indiana by Trump would put him decisively in the driver’s seat, with Trump needing less than 40 percent of the remaining delegates to win the GOP nomination outright. Indeed, with Trump likely to win the big states of New Jersey and California, the win tonight

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