READ: Donald Trump Tweeted ‘A Massive Blow to Obama’s Message – Only 38,000 New Jobs for Month in Just Issued Jobs Report. That’s REALLY Bad!’

Always a tweet.

On Friday, the February job report was released, and while the unemployment rate ticked down slightly to 3.8%, the number that caught everyone’s eye was the number of jobs created last month: a paltry 20,000 compared with an expected 180,000.

While Trump played down the number, predictably, in a press gaggle outside the White House Friday morning, preferring instead to focus on the dip in the unemployment rate, one can only imagine how Trump would have reacted if Obama had seen a similarly paltry jobs number.

Well, actually, we don’t have to imagine, we can see exactly how Trump reacted in a tweet from June 2016:

Because there’s always a tweet.

Trump is getting dragged.

And he was called out for his tweet at the time:

What’s more, Obama’s final two years compared to Trump’s first two years in regards to unemployment indicates a fairly clear winner.

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