WATCH: Donald Trump Says ‘There’s No Proof, There’s No Proof of Anything’


President Donald Trump on Tuesday admitted he has no evidence substantiating his claims that “Middle Easterners” have embedded themselves in migrant caravans meandering through Central America.

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office he has “very good information” regarding the types of people he believes are sneaking into migrant refugee caravans.

The press tried to get the president to pony up some evidence, but this is Trump we’re dealing with, so there isn’t any.

“There’s no proof of anything but there very well could be.”

The president said he speaks with Border Patrol “all the time,” touting the agency’s ability to “intercept” certain individuals.

“Over the course of the year, over the course of a number of years, they have intercepted many people from the Middle East,” Trump said. “They have intercepted ISIS. They have intercepted all sorts of people. They have intercepted good ones and bad ones. They have intercepted wonderful people from the Middle East. And they have intercepted bad ones.”

Trump added that Border Patrol had “very recently” identified “people from the Middle East,” and that the press “shouldn’t be surprised” when he says it because “you’ve heard that before, it happens all the time.”

Watch the full clip below:

No one – including Trump – seems to know what the president is talking about because there isn’t any proof.

Even at face value, the idea that Middle Eastern people have infiltrated bands of Central and South American refugees simply doesn’t make any sense.

What is obvious, however, is Trump using fear of “the other” as a dog whistle for his supporters.

Vice President Mike Pence threw his weight behind Trump’s claims, but just like his boss, offered no evidence.

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