PHOTO: Conservatives Spread Meme Online of a Picture of Anderson Cooper Standing in Waist High Water, Claims Media Is Lying to Us


In keeping with the rhetoric of President Donald Trump, many conservatives leap at any chance to accuse the media of “fake news,” especially CNN.

The usual target is the network’s political reporting, of course, but as Hurricane Florence swept through the Carolinas, conservatives instead began targeting its weather coverage, starting with a widely-shared meme of CNN anchor Anderson Cooper standing in waist-deep water, claiming that Cooper had staged the shot.

The meme was even shared by senior Housing and Urban Development official Lynne Patton.

In addition to Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump loyalists.

But turns out, the claim is honest to goodness fake news.

According to Snopes, the pictures of Cooper come from his 2008 coverage of Hurricane Ike in Texas. When faced with this reality, some conservatives insisted that it didn’t matter. The point was silent.

But, again, that was fake news.

Not only is the coverage not of Hurricane Florence, but Cooper’s report is addressing the abrupt changes in water levels to warn viewers of flood hazards, which he demonstrates.

Users were eager to point this out.

However, the facts didn’t seem to change too many minds.

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