WATCH: CNN Focus Group of Independent Trump Voters Explains Why They Regret Supporting Him Now


In a July 2018 analysis of national voter registration records by the University of Virginia Center for Politics, 40 percent of voters registered Democrat, 29 percent Republican, 2 percent other political parties and 28 percent independent.

Gone are the days of adherence and loyalty to a single political party. In several states, there are more voters registered as independent than in any political party.

That makes courting independent voters critical. And in 2016, many of those independent voters helped President Donald Trump win the electoral college, even if he did lose the popular vote.

Seen as not loyal to a single party and a political maverick appealed to many independent voters in 2016. But do those same voters still see Trump in the same light in 2018?

CNN New Day correspondent Alisyn Camerota sat down with a group of independent voters Monday to ask. In a group of six people, five were independent and voted for Trump and one had been a lifelong Republican who was now leaving the party to register as an independent because of Trump.

None had good things to say about the President. And the five independents who voted for Trump expressed regret over their decision.

Camerota asked how one voter felt, to which he responded, “Afraid.” When asked to elaborate, Anthony Miles stated:

“Of the dictator in the White House.He has no empathy for anything. He will never admit when he makes a mistake.”

Miles added:

“He said the system is rigged and he said he was going to be a new sheriff in town, and all he’s done is surrounded himself with crooks. How many people have been indicted that were in close cahoots with him?”

“And there, in front of the world stage, he looks at Putin and puts his arm around him and says this is my buddy.”

Watch Miles answer Camerota here.

Sydney Cohan, who voted for Trump but now plans to register as a Democrat, stated:

“The divisiveness in this country right now and the rhetoric coming from the president is a daily exhausting thing.”

“I worry that the dictator—the wannabe dictator in the White House will make it where we don’t even have any more elections.”

“I mean, he will—he is like siding with Vladimir Putin. He—Kim Jong Un is now having love letters written to Donald Trump.”

Later in the interview, Camerota would ask the New Day panelists if character issues were their biggest concerns regarding the President. The handling of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation affected all of the panelists.

A former Republican called it hypocrisy. Watch their remarks here.

Rahul Blokhra, who also voted for Trump, added concerns about who is actually running the United States.

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