Chicago Police Superintendent Fired–But Calls for Justice for Laquan McDonald Continue in Light of Damning Video

A week after the release of a controversial video depicting the police shooting of a 17-year-old, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired his police superintendent, Garry McCarthy. But in light of the Mayor’s handling of the video’s release, firing McCarthy might not be enough.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired his police superintendent, Garry F. McCarthy on Tuesday. Just one week earlier, he and McCarthy appeared together at a press conference as they released a controversial video depicting the egregious police shooting of a black teenager. The graphic footage immediately sparked outrage and resulted in demonstrations across the city.

According to Emanuel, he chose to fire McCarthy because “at this point and this juncture for the city, given what we’re working on, he has become an issue rather than dealing with the issue, and a distraction.” He also announced the creation of a six-person task force which will be asked to complete “a top-to-bottom review of the system.”

McCarthy’s firing may have been necessary in that respect, but Emanuel’s motives could also have been about self-preservation. Either way, firing McCarthy may not have been enough to relieve the mounting scrutiny Emanuel himself is facing, as many are calling on the Mayor to resign over the way he has handled the McDonald case.

Former Chicago police superintendent, Garry McCarthy. Credit: Source.

A city divided by two tales.

The video appears unambiguously damning. It shows Laquan McDonald, a teenager, walking down the street toward two police cruisers. He hops out away from them, presumably to avoid them, as two officers burst forth from their vehicles, guns at the ready.

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