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What Bernie Sanders Said––And Didn’t Say––In His Latest Video Address

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On Thursday, in a much-anticipated video address coming two days after meeting with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders pledged to support Clinton any way he could to keep Donald Trump from winning the general election. But, to the disappointment of some, he declined at this time specifically to concede the Democratic nomination. Sanders made the announcement yesterday evening from his home in Burlington, Vermont.

His promise to help defeat Donald Trump might go a long way to smooth over tensions. “The major political task that we face in the next five months is to make certain that Donald Trump is defeated and defeated badly,” Sanders said. “We cannot have a president who insults Mexicans and Latinos, Muslims, women and African-Americans.”


But in deciding not to concede the nomination to Clinton, Sanders further risked being viewed as an obstructionist by some in the party.

The “political revolution” Sanders has called for is ongoing, according to the candidate. “Election days come and go. But political and social revolutions that attempt to transform our society never end. They continue every day, every week and every month in the fight to create a nation of social and economic justice,” Sanders said. “That’s what the political revolution is about and that’s why the political revolution must continue into the future.”

Sanders also stressed the importance of issues which had come to define his campaign. He is adamant that the Democratic Party must commit to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. He also called for the

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