READ: Michael Avenatti Tweets ‘Yep, Lots of Respect for Mr. Trump Here in London Today. BIGLY Respect #FightClub’

Pure joy.

Attorney Michael Avenatti is no stranger to calling out President Donald Trump. The Stormy Daniels representative is known for not mincing words when criticizing the president and his former lawyer Michael Cohen.

On Friday, Avenatti took to the streets of London to join the massive resistance across the pond. The fiery attorney began tweeting to make sure that Trump knew.

The tweets come a day after Trump insisted that “I get thousands of notifications from people in the UK that they love the President of the United States.” In the same interview, Trump mentioned a poll that had him beating Abraham Lincoln for most popular Republican (he did not specify the name of the poll) before saying that if an “honest poll” were conducted in the UK, he’d be “very strong.”

Twitter seemed to side more with Avenatti.

Avenatti is one of the thousands taking to the streets of London to protest Donald Trump. The protests come just a day after Trump’s latest slight against our closest ally.

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