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Alabama Exit Polls Reveal That African-American Women Voted 98% for Doug Jones

It's clear why Doug Jones won last night.
Alabama Exit Polls

Supporters of Alabama Democrat Doug Jones celebrate his victory over Judge Roy Moore. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Even though accurate voting data is not yet available, people on Twitter are giving black women the credit for Roy Moore’s defeat.

But it did not always seem that this would happen.

The Atlantic reports that there was a very different narrative among Alabama’s black voters leading into Tuesday’s special election. They were not mobilizing nor were they described as “energized.” Interest was low, with the majority of African-Americans polled by the New York Times not even knowing an election was going on. If Jones had lost, surely the blame would have shifted to African-Americans – the very group that ended up saving the election.

On Election day, the narrative flipped, challenging traditional thinking about racial turnout in off-year elections. Precincts in the state’s “black belt” reported long lines throughout the day. By all accounts, black turnout exceeded expectations.

Meanwhile, Moore’s support sagged in majority-white counties, where many voters preferred to stay home than vote for Jones. Case in point, The Atlantic reports that only 56 percent of Trump-entrenched Cullman County’s 2016 presidential election levels arrived at the polls to vote this time around.

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