Rep. Bruce Poliquin Filed Lawsuit Against Maine Secretary of State to Stop ‘Ranked Choice Vote’ Result

Voters be damned.

Voters in Maine learned Tuesday that incumbent Republican Representative Bruce Poliquin filed a lawsuit designed to subvert the will of Maine voters. Many reacted to the news with anger.

After years of discussion in the Maine legislature, the people of the state of Maine took ranked choice voting to a people’s referendum vote—one where a measure is put on the ballot by citizen petition—and approved it with support from 52 percent of Maine voters. However the Maine Republican Party attempted to block implementation.

After the state legislature passed a bill, signed by the Republican Governor, to delay implementation of ranked choice voting, the people of Maine used public support to take the bill before the people for a people’s veto. The voters of Maine reaffirmed their commitment to ranked choice voting.

November’s midterm ballots in Maine became the first general election test for ranked choice. The process had already been used in the primaries, although the Maine GOP tried to get a court order to block having to use it in their own primaries. The judge ruled on the side of Maine voters in that case and in others the GOP brought to try to stop the will of Maine voters.

Currently, ranked choice voting in Maine is used only for federal offices. The race for US Senate and both of Maine’s two US Congressional districts employed ranked choice on their ballots.

ranked choice voting people’s referendum petition people’s veto Maine Constitution
Maine sample ranked choice ballot (

Ranked choice allows voters to rank candidates from the favorite to least favorite. Candidates must garner the support of over 50 percent of voters to win. If no one candidate attains the 50 percent mark, the rankings are used to determine which candidate has the support of 50 percent of voters.

The system is designed to ensure a ballot with over 2 candidates does not result in a win for the person most voters least want. In a six way race, with traditional voting practices, a person who is the last choice of 83 percent of voters can win with the support of just 17 percent of voters.

Maine’s Senate race and 1st Congressional District races were decided in the initial vote tally, as incumbent independent Senator Angus King and incumbent Democratic Representative Chellie Pingree handily won their seats with over 50 percent of voters choosing them.

However in the 2nd Congressional District—covering most of the area of the state in the western, eastern and northern rural areas—the race between Republican incumbent Representative Bruce Poliquin and Democratic challenger Jared Golden remained close, with the lead swapped numerous times, as voting precincts reported their results.

As of Tuesday, November 13, Poliquin sits at 46.2 percent and Golden is at 45.5 percent. Only 0.7 percent separates the two candidates, 1,910 votes, with 399 of 418 precincts accounted for. It is still unclear which candidate would win in the old system of voting until all precincts report.

But what is clear is neither Poliquin or Golden could reach over 50 percent support from voters. The Secretary of State announced when the results showed neither candidate could reach the required support level, ranked choice voting would commence to determine the winner.

However Maine voters were surprised to see a notice on Facebook stating another court case was filed trying to block the will of the people of Maine, who petitioned and voted twice to support the use of ranked choice voting.

Reaction to the Secretary of State’s announcement criticized the Maine GOP member Poliquin’s choice to try to block ranked choice voting only after it appeared he may not win in the final tally.

People commented that the issue had already been voted on more than once by Maineiacs.

Maine ranked choice voting people's referendum people's veto Second Congressional District Republican Jared Golden Bruce Poliquin

People called out Poliquin by name.

Others cited the US Constitution as well as the Maine Constitution.


Maine ranked choice voting people's referendum people's veto Second Congressional District Republican Jared Golden Bruce Poliquin

Many thanked Maine’s Republican Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap, for following Maine law.

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