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Donald Trump Just Said 'We're President' During His Latest Bonkers Interview, and People Are Pretty Sure They Know Who the 'We' Is

Fox News/YouTube

During a recent phone interview between Fox News' Sean Hannity and President Donald Trump, the President went on a few tangents that people found difficult to follow.

At one point, Trump fixated on the use of the word "manufactured." While people had difficulty understanding what he was talking about, one statement was made very clear by the President.

Trump stated:

"Here's the good news: We're president."

Listen to his comments here:

Who is we?

People offered theories on who else is President along with Trump. One name came up several times.

Others thought it might simply be a matter of having met Queen Elizabeth II recently.

Others got a bit more creative in their guesses.

But another name came up again and again too.

The President spoke to Hannity on the phone for almost 45 minutes. You can see—and hear—the full interview here.

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