POLL: Pew Poll Finds 58% Oppose Donald Trump’s Plan to Expand the Border Wall


Not only do the majority of voters oppose Trump’s wall, those that do oppose it find concessions on funding for it to reopen the government unacceptable.

Almost 90 percent of those opposed to the wall also reject any funding concessions.

That leaves over half of all voters, 51 percent, still opposed to both the wall and concessions while only Trump’s most fervent supporters, just 29 percent, support Trump’s wall and his shutdown until he gets the billions of dollars he wants.

Pew also found a drastic difference in support between Democrats and Republicans. Voters who identify as Democrats outnumber Republicans, but neither party holds a majority as more and more voters identify as independent.

And a previous Pew Research Center poll showed the least support for Trump’s wall among those actually living along the southern border.

This coincides with the one Republican member of the House that represents a district along the southern border—GOP Representative Will Hurd of Texas whose district covers over a third of the border with Mexico—who called Trump’s wall the “most expensive and least effective” way to inhibit illegal entry into the United States and drug and human trafficking.

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