REPORT: Pew Analysis Reveals the Importance of Non-Voters in the 2016 Election Result

And he won’t like it.

Other takeaways:

  • Among religious groups of voters, evangelicals were the most pro-Trump, and they represented more of the voting pool than the nonvoting pool.
  • Black Protestants and Hispanic Catholics, meanwhile, were strongly for Clinton, despite making up less of the voting population than the nonvoting population.
  • Generally, those who preferred Trump were more likely to be a bigger part of the voting pool than the nonvoting pool. The results are less favorable for Clinton: Those who preferred her were 50 percent more likely to be among the nonvoting pool.

President Trump has often claimed that millions of people voted in the 2016 election illegally, ironically casting doubt on the election he supposedly won. He even ordered the creation of a now-defunct voter fraud commission, which uncovered no evidence to support his dubious claim.

In a letter addressed to Vice President Mike Pence, who chaired the now-defunct committee, and Kris Kobach (the commission’s vice chair), former commission member and current Secretary of State of Maine, Matthew Dunlap reiterated that the commission found nothing of value, dealing a blow to one of the president’s most precious conspiracy theories:

I do not expect the public simply to accept my conclusions. I am, after all, attempting to prove a negative. There is no single document that reveals there is no widespread voter fraud. Instead, I rely on the lack of any evidence in the totality of what I have reviewed. Accordingly, after reviewing the material, I have concluded that my only recourse is to publish all of the documents made available to me, so Americans can conclude for themselves that evidence to support the statements of Vice Chair Kobach and the White House regarding the purported preliminary findings of the Commission does not exist.

Dunlap filed a lawsuit against the commission in November 2017, NBC notes, “in an effort to gain access to materials and documentation he felt was being kept from him and other members of the committee.” His lawsuit alleged that Pence and Kobach had violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act), which has special emphasis on open meetings.

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