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Pete Buttigieg Just Savagely Dismissed Donald Trump's Criticism of Him at His Campaign Rally, and People Are Loving It

Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Pete Buttigieg/Facebook

One story is dominating the conversation about President Donald Trump's Wednesday night rally: attacks against Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. But Omar was not the only target of Trump's jabs last night.

One of his other taunts was aimed at Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg. Trump remarked on Buttigieg's star power.

"... and he's supposed to be like a hot young star."
"If that's the hot young star, I guess I just don't know stardom anymore."
"That's not a star!"

While governance should not be about stardom but rather policies and practices, it is not what impresses Trump.

But when Buttigieg was asked to comment on the President's remarks, he expressed sympathy for Trump's attention seeking.

"Lately, he’s been trying to get my attention. Poor guy."
"President of the United States, trying to get the attention of a 30-something year old mayor from Indiana, that tells you something. Poor fella."

The President—who turned 73 in June—frequently mentions how young Buttigieg is.

People thought Buttigieg's response was spot on.


But one person had an interesting take on Buttigieg's campaign.

The 2020 election is 473 days away. The next Democratic debate is slated for July 30 and 31, 2019 at 8:00pm EST.

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