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WATCH: Mike Pence on Mueller Investigation: ‘It’s Been About a Year…It’s Time to Wrap It Up”

He should probably brush up on his history.
Mike Pence Robert Mueller Russia investigation Richard Nixon Today Show

May 10, 2018: Mike Pence Today Show interview. (NBC News)

On NBC’s Today show, Andrea Mitchell asked Vice President Mike Pence if he believes the Russia investigation is a “hoax” like President Donald Trump maintains. He managed to dodge the question, not giving a definitive answer.

But while Pence did not indicate agreement with the president’s assessment, he did suggest Special Counsel Robert Mueller cut the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and any ties to the Trump campaign and subsequent administration short.

“Our administration has been fully cooperating with the special counsel, and we’ll continue to,” Pence told Mitchell.

What I think is that it’s been about a year since this investigation began. Our administration has provided more than a million documents. We’ve fully cooperated in it, and in the interest of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up.”

“And I would very respectfully encourage the special counsel and his team to bring their work to completion.”

Pence’s comments regarding a Department of Justice open investigation, one concerning his own administration, drew criticism and some unfavorable comparisons. The person cited who said something quite similar to the vice president? Former president Richard Nixon.

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