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Paper Greeting Cards Have Made A Big Comeback In The Last 5 Years—And It's All Thanks To Millennials

Dan Brownsword/Getty Images

Millennials are murderers.

Or at least that's what many people have come to think. Whether it be the death of beer or of patriotism or a vast array of other American institutions, Millennials often take the blame.

However, this time, they can take the credit.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that millennials are the biggest buyers of paper greeting cards, an industry that—after decades of slumping sales with the advent of the digital age—is again enjoying stable profits, selling over six billion physical cards per year.

Though the digital age may have been a factor of its sales slump, the use of websites and apps by millennials in preparing paper cards for print has played a part in their resurgence. Many millennials have opted to use these sites to create original designs for print.

Some experts think that another factor of the comeback of holiday cards is a response to the digital age as well, rebelling against ubiquitous Facebook invites and E-cards with tangible displays of gratitude and well-wishes.

Some millennials chimed in to validate the findings.

The article also settles some questions on Twitter as to whether or not millennials had killed greeting cards after all.

Believe it or not, some people aren't in the fold.

Many appeared to be hoping that millennials would kill greeting cards as mercilessly as they've been accused of killing everything else.

Some expanded the definition to mean cards of all types.

But at the rate millennials are buying, it looks like this house of cards won't tumble any time soon.