READ: Richard Painter Says Donald Trump Should ‘Go Directly to Jail’ If He Fires People Over Cohen Raid

He’s not holding back.

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen’s, residence and office in New York were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Monday morning. The FBI was acting on a duly signed warrant from the New York office of the United State attorney’s office and signed by a federal judge.

Hand-picked Trump appointee in the New York office and interim lead prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman, recused himself from the investigation. Federal prosecutors acted on information regarding potential criminal activity uncovered during the Russia investigation, but falling outside the scope of that inquiry.

The president made his displeasure known on Twitter in a series of Tweets.

Speculation that Trump will fire key members of the United States Department of Justice in response to the raid began almost immediately. One of the names suggested is Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy United States Attorney General, who signed off on the raids. Rosenstein is also a Trump appointee.

Also potentially on the chopping block are personnel in the US Attorney’s office in New York, in the FBI or Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

However, according to the chief ethics lawyer during the President George W. Bush administration, Richard Painter, any such retaliatory firings would have major consequences for the president.

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