The Vatican Finds It to Be “Impossible” for Transgender People to Be Godparents

[DIGEST: Catholic News Agency, The Advocate, Washington Post] Alex Salinas, a practicing Spanish Catholic, was “thrilled and honored” when his sister asked him to be his nephew’s godfather. As required under Catholic law, he sought permission from his local church to assume the role. The process was halted, however, due to what the priest considered … Continued

John Kasich: Running on Principle

Ohio Governor John Kasich has made a name for himself as the GOP’s most socially liberal candidate. For instance, while Kasich has made it known that he supports what the right refers to as “traditional marriage,” he has been quoted as saying that he supports civil unions for same sex couples. And in a recent interview with … Continued

Two Schools, Two Policies: Developments in The Transgender Student Bathroom Battles

[DIGEST: Advocate, Huffington Post, CNN] This month in Virginia, a federal judge ruled that Gavin Grimm, currently an 11th grader at a public high school in Gloucester County, Virginia, may no longer use the boys bathroom at the school. Grimm, who is a transgender male, had been using the boys bathroom since September 2014 with permission from the school principal. However, … Continued

With Sanctions Poised to Lift, Many Iranians Remain Cautious

In July, Iran reached a landmark nuclear nonproliferation deal with the United States and five other world powers. The recent failure by Congressional Republicans to block the deal cleared the way for the White House to begin the process of lifting Iranian sanctions. For a country that has been under the thumb of sanctions for decades—and crippling sanctions for … Continued

Carly Fiorina: If at First You Don’t Succeed, Try Running for President.

Just a little over a month ago, Carly Fiorina was polling so poorly that she didn’t make the cut to appear at Fox News’ mainstage Republican Presidential debate; instead, Fiorina appeared at Fox’s ‘kid’s table’ event alongside several second-string Presidential hopefuls, including Lindsey Graham and George Pataki. Today, Fiorina is on fire. She emerged as the … Continued

Who Hearts Huckabee?

SECOND NEXUS PERSPECTIVE Yes, he may be little more than an ultra-conservative ideologue. Yes, he may only be running to maintain enough political relevance to get paid. And yes, he did stand next to the new darling of the conservative fringe, Kim Davis, clasping her hand as if in a religious revival as they blared … Continued

Transforming Trans-phobia: America’s Military Evolves

SECOND NEXUS PERSPECTIVES During the GOP debate/dogmatic jubilee earlier this month, Mike Huckabee (a.k.a. the other hate-mongering Presidential hopeful–not to be confused with the infamous Trump) seized an opportunity to pontificate about the military’s purpose; he did so, however, at the expense of transgender service members. According to Huckabee: “The purpose of the military is … Continued

Hillary Clinton Unveils College Tuition Assistance Plan

[DIGEST, Wall Street Journal, CNN] On the heels of the college affordability plans proposed by her Democratic rivals, Hillary Clinton just unveiled her own plan to help students attend college debt free. Her plan, the “New College Compact,” would provide federal dollars to states who increase their own spending on higher education. Though details have yet … Continued



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