The Latest Trump Charity Revelations Offer a Smoking Gun

[DIGEST: Washington Post, Vanity Fair] A review of four newly documented expenditures revealed that Donald Trump spent $258,000 from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved his for-profit businesses, according to an investigation by the Washington Post. Trump’s misappropriation of the Donald J. Trump Foundation’s funds may have also violated laws against “self-dealing” that … Continued

The Snowden Film Gets Its Release Today. Could a Pardon Follow?

[DIGEST: Motherboard, TIME] This week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) joined several prominent human rights organizations––including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International––to launch a formal campaign asking President Obama to pardon National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden has been living in an undisclosed location in Moscow and has sought asylum elsewhere since leaking … Continued

Colin Powell Called Trump A National Disgrace, But Didn’t Expect It To Get Out

[DIGEST: ABC, Buzzfeed] Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “a national disgrace” and “international pariah” according to newly revealed emails hacked from his private account.The website–which has alleged ties to Russian intelligence services–obtained the emails. The hack is the latest suggestion that Russan entities are attempting to influence … Continued

You’ve Heard About the Indian Protests But Don’t Really Know What It’s About? A #NODAPL Primer.

The basics on the Dakota Access Pipeline and #NoDAPL, who is involved, and what is at stake.



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