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Oklahoma Lawmakers Propose Naming Stretch of Route 66 the 'Donald J Trump Highway' and It Is Not Going Well

Drew Angerer/Getty Images // nathandahm/Instagram

As if President Donald Trump didn't have enough things named after him, two state senators in Oklahoma have proposing a bill to name a stretch of the Historic Route 66 after the Commander in Chief.

State Senators Marty Quinn and Nathan Dahm filed the proposal on Tuesday, assuring that the dedication is a fitting honor to a President they deem to be equally honorable.

The senators said in a press release announcing the bill:

"President Trump has done an outstanding job on behalf of our nation and Oklahoma. We feel like this is a perfect opportunity to commemorate the great impact his leadership has had on improving the economy and bringing jobs and commerce back to our great state."

State Senator Dahm praised the move on his Instagram account as well.

Dahm and Quinn, however, backed down from the proposal after bipartisan backlash at the thought of Historic Route 66, known affectionately as "The Mother Road," being referred to as anything different. The concession doesn't exclude the possibility of a different road in Oklahoma being named after Trump, however.

Oklahoma's Republican Lieutenant Governor shot down the idea outright:

“I don't want Historic Route 66 called anything except Historic Route 66. I don't care if you want to call it Mother Teresa Highway or Donald Trump Highway; there is only one thing to call it, and that's Historic Route 66."

Oklahomans and Americans across the country agreed—and the jokes came rolling in.

Though Trump won Oklahoma in the 2016 election, his approval rating has been on a steady downward trend in the state.