READ: NOAA Climate Tweets ‘Winter Storms Don’t Prove That Global Warming Isn’t Happening’ the Morning After Donald Trump’s ‘Global Waming’ Tweet


President Donald Trump tweeted Monday night that frigid temperatures in the Midwest were reason to distrust the scientific consensus on global warming.

Trump took the cold weather as evidence that climate change isn’t a threat to the earth and humanity, mockingly imploring global “waming” to “please come back fast, we need you!”

But, as most Americans know, climate change and global warming haven’t gone anywhere. In fact, officials from the Climate Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rebutted the same claim by the following morning.

NOAA is under jurisdiction of the Commerce Department, headed by Commerce Secretary and Trump appointee Wilbur L. Ross.

While NOAA’s tweet didn’t call out the President directly, many were led to believe they were trolling him.

While the President’s own officials trolling him may seem comical, the tweet brought about some sobering thoughts.

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