READ: The New York Times Fact Checks Donald Trump’s State of the Union on Twitter, Most Are ‘False’ or ‘Misleading’

Not a good night for the truth.

President Donald Trump is on track to surpass spreading 10,000 false or misleading statements before the end of his first term, so it may not come as a surprise that the New York Times debunked a slew of untruths while fact checking his second State of the Union address.

While the President did take on a more unifying tone than he usually displays during a campaign rally, a press conference, or on Twitter, many of the claims regarding border security, abortion, and the Russia investigation were textbook Trump, albeit disguised under more palatable rhetoric.

The Times was hard at work alerting readers of the facts in real time.

The majority of Trump’s claims, such as ones regarding the employment rate and the so-called crisis at the southern border.

To the so-called crisis at the southern border.

And everything in between.

However, not all claims were false or misleading.

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