After Conquering Television, Netflix Sets Its Sights On Disrupting The Movie Industry, and It’s Already Begun

This should be interesting.

Years after it revolutionized television by streaming high-quality original content, Netflix is now going after the movie industry.

In addition to launching a thousand memes, Netflix’s latest original film—Bird Box—shattered the record for highest viewership of any Netflix original film in its opening week, garnering over 45 million views according to internal reports. Views were counted for each account that watched 70% or more of the film, including credits.

For their part, theater owners remain unfazed. As Patrick Corcoran of the National Association of Theatre Owners pointed out: “Netflix’s model can’t disrupt theatrical if it’s not playing on 99.7% of screens.” Others are quick to remind people that streaming a film from the comfort of one’s own home is far more convenient than schlepping to a movie theater and paying for a ticket.

Nevertheless, the viewing reports of Bird Box led to much speculation on Netflix’s growing hold over the movies.

Though Netflix spent very little advertising Bird Box, it put the film at the fore of its homepage. However, there’s another key ingredient that has proven integral to Netflix’s success in television and its burgeoning growth in original films. 

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