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Former GOP Congresswoman Just Claimed Donald Trump Has the 'Vigor and Stamina of Ten People'


Former GOP Congresswoman Just Claimed Donald Trump Has the 'Vigor and Stamina of Ten People'
National Archives; Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

A video of Senator Elizabeth Warren was shared on Twitter by Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko with the caption:

"The current president could not do this."

What activity did Parkhomenko think President Donald Trump incapable of?

Running. Jogging. Walking briskly. Watch it here to decide how to describe Senator Warren's entrance.

Tea Party member and former New York Republican Representative Nan Hayworth was quick to jump to Trump's defense. But her comment left many wondering if the ophthalmologist and one term Congresswoman needed her eyes examined.

Hayworth—who was defeated twice by Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney for New York's 19th congressional district—posted:

" he could, as he certainly appears to have the vigor and stamina of ten people."

Hayworth's claim about the President's vitality overshadowed the rest of her comment and opened a big can of worms. And people went all in.

People were reminded of the time the President took a golf cart instead of walking with other world leaders, skipped a walk in Paris to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI, took a motorcade across the street, the repeated controversies over his annual physical and allegations of Adderall abuse by a staff member from The Apprentice.

People questioned Hayworth's medical expertise based on her assessment.

While some people just could not believe Hayworth was serious.

While one respondent provided a few greatest hits from Hayworth's brief political career.

As of yet, the President has not responded to Parkhomenko's post or Hayworth's accolades.

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