READ: Mississippi Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Foster Who Won’t Meet with Female Reporter Tweets: ‘My Wife and I Made a Commitment to Follow the Billy Graham Rule’


Mississippi gubernatorial candidate and Tea Party Republican Robert Foster is in hot water after refusing to let a local female reporter shadow his campaign unless a male colleague was present.

People immediately began accusing Foster of sexism for denying professional, talented women reporters equal access to his campaign on the basis of their sex.

If the initial event wasn’t cringeworthy enough, his explanation only made it worse.

Foster didn’t elaborate on how being alone with a woman goes against Christianity.

He later claimed that the refusal was due to a promise he made to his wife.

Representatives for Foster’s campaign said that the optics were too risky; that Foster’s opponents could accuse him of having an extramarital affair.

Foster is a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump, whose own extramarital affairs are well-documented.

None of the explanations Foster gave spared him from a roast for the ages.


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