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Climate Denier's Old Tweet Saying Venus Is Made Up of 96.5% CO2 to Debunk Climate Change Fears Reemerges Online

@JunkScience/Twitter; NASA/JPL

Fox News commentator Steve Milloy runs the website Junk Science. With it Milloy issues reports and press releases to refute scientific findings.

In his press releases, Milloy makes sure to cite credible sources. Like the time he sent "a news release issued by Steve Milloy repeatedly quoting Steve Milloy, including bolstering an argument made by Steve Milloy by quoting a [Wall Street Journal] article written by Steve Milloy."

So what advanced degrees does Milloy hold to be able to comment on all things scientific? In addition to being a Fox News commentator, Milloy is a lawyer and lobbyist with close financial and organizational ties to tobacco and oil companies.

Milloy disputed second hand smoke is harmful and considers climate change a hoax. He also claimed the studies of harm from DDT, global warming, Alar, breast implants, ozone depletion and mad cow disease are false.

Beyond quoting himself, what type of proof did Milloy provide?

Things like this December 2018 Twitter post:

If you haven't seen Venus lately, it looks like this.

Venus is on the left, Earth on the right. They are not precisely a mirror image of each other.

Recently Milloy turned his attacks on the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Summit and most aggressively on teen activist Greta Thunberg.

So Wild Geerters—aka @classiclib3ral—decided to reshare Milloy's climate wisdom again because of things like this:

Know your information sources.

Geerters posted:

Others quickly added their own equally sound science.

While many suggested Milloy's science was what might be junk.

Again, knowing your sources is critical.

As usual, Milloy has not responded to any of the criticism.

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