PHOTO: Jon McNaughton’s New Painting ‘National Emergency’ Features Donald Trump at the Border As Chuck Schumer, Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi Trample the American Flag

Wait, what?

With paintings described as somewhere between Thomas Kinkade and paint-by-numbers, devout Trump supporter Jon McNaughton is unlikely to be featured in any major museums or galleries soon.

Selling his wares on his personal website, McNaughton releases his latest “patriotic Americana” paintings with announcements on social media, and on Wednesday he announced his latest effort. The title?

National Emergency

The subject? A pious, prayerful President Trump and those who victimize him and the American flag on the border.

McNaughton captioned his announcement on Twitter:

“They hold the flags they cherish… And trample America’s interests… And endanger millions of people… It is a national emergency.” – Jon McNaughton

See his latest piece here.

McNaughton—whose Twitter bio reads “Internationally acclaimed for his patriotic paintings such as The Forgotten Man. #MAGA” even provided a making-of film for his 37.9k followers.

And his latest certainly ticks all the MAGA boxes with bold flavors of White nationalism, xenophobia, and racism.

Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama? Check. Democratic congressional leaders Representative Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer? Check.

Other Trump adversaries in Congress or potential opponents in 2020 plus newly elected women of color like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plus targeting the first two Muslim women elected to Congress, Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar? Check, check and check.

Implying they are all globalists, trampling the American flag and loyal to other countries while Trump alone supports the United States? Check.

On his website, McNaughton captions the piece:

“Every year hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals march to our southern border and cross into our country. Who are they? What right do they have to come…”

Prints sell for $29 up to $705 dollars, but what price is there to claiming Bernie Sanders favors China over the United States? Senator Sanders is depicted holding the flag of China is no small amount of irony given the Trump Organization’s deals and patents with the foreign power.

And Sanders flag is not the end of the irony.

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